We have a range of lighting and DJ equipment packages available for hire. These are really popular as they are designed to have everything you are likely to need and represent great value for money. These ”DIY Disco” packages are very simple to set up and operate which makes them perfect if you want to play your own music at your event. When you come to collect the gear we will go through everything and practise setting it all up until you are completely confident with what you are doing. Packages 1, 2 and 3 will fit into a standard size car withe the back seats down. Package 4 will require a small van or a car and trailer.

We are happy to change and tailor each package to exactly fit your needs so please contact us with any questions or queries. We offer discounted rates on packages for sound and lighting equipment rental or stage equipment hire. We also offer long term leases on equipment, ideal for nightclubs and other venues at considerably reduced prices.

Prices are per day. We offer two days for 1.5x the daily rate and up to four days for 2.0x the daily rate


Package 1

  • For up to 20 people
  • 2x small active speakers and stands
  • IPod/laptop leads
  • 2 disco lights
  • Only £60+VAT

Package 2

  • For up to 50 people
  • 2 full range powered speakers and stands
  • Basic DJ mixer
  • IPod/laptop leads
  • 3 disco lights
  • Only £80+VAT

Package 3

  • For up to 100 People
  • 2 high powered full range speakers and stands
  • Basic DJ mixer
  • Ipod/laptop leads
  • 4 disco lights
  • Only £100+VAT

Package 4

  • For up to 200 people
  • 2 large very high powered full range speakers or equivalent
  • Basic DJ mixer
  • Ipod/laptop leads
  • 6 lights and stand
  • Smoke machine
  • Only £195+VAT